This morning, a missing sailor from Mossel Bay was found adrift and deceased.

A sailor went missing for over a week until the NSRI found him aboard his vessel and confirmed he was dead shortly thereafter.

One sailor in an SA Air Force 22 squadron Oryx helicopter located the yacht and solo sailor 30 miles southwest of Stillbaai.

According to media reports, the sailor’s family grew worried when he did not return and alerted the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) on 15 August. The MRCC initiated enquiries into the sailor’s whereabouts before the NSRI Emergency Operations Centre was notified of the kind of vessel on 19 August, as reported in IOL.

After spotting the boat from the helicopter on Saturday, a swimmer was deployed to board and search for any survivors. Sadly, he found the body of a sailor who has passed away.

After running out of fuel, the rescue swimmer signaled the yacht with a signalling beacon before being returned to the helicopter and brought back to base.

The National Sea Rescue Institute, based in Cape Town, South Africa, said “The body of the individual is still on board the yacht and there are no other people on board.”

The family has requested privacy at this difficult time.