The Two Oceans Marathon has been issued with the permit, but it comes with strict condition.

The Two Oceans Marathon will take place on Sunday, 5 March 2018 and includes a half-marathon and marathon.

The decision came after we reviewed the event plans and supporting documents for the Two Oceans Marathon, which is required by our safety laws.

The City is satisfied that the event organiser has followed all of the regulations.

After the race organizers recently consulted with churches that were expecting to be impacted by the marathon, they finally came up with a traffic plan. This should allow these Easter services to go ahead as planned.

The City of Cape Town values the importance of faith and faith based activities in our society and respects the constitutional right to practice your religion. For instance, Christians are allowed to attend church services during this weekend as well as other religious activity.

To ensure worshippers can go about their business without being disrupted, City Traffic Services personnel will work alongside marathon marshals to provide access at intersections and make sure worshippers are still able to reach their homes or businesses at all times.

Furthermore, the board has committed to moving the event away from Easter Weekend in future.