RMB National Rowing Squad Shines at Inaugural World Cup in Croatia

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rmb national rowing squad world cup Cape Town

The RMB National Rowing Squad of South Africa has begun their international season with a remarkable performance at the Rowing World Cup in Zagreb, Croatia. The team’s athletes have shown their skills and determination, securing silver and bronze medals in the Men’s Four and Women’s Double Scull events, respectively.

Men’s Four Event

The South African team, consisting of Henry Torr, James Mitchell, Christopher Baxter, and Jake Green, displayed remarkable determination and skill throughout their race in the Men’s Four event. Despite facing a setback at the World Championships last year, where they lost to the Ukrainian boat and ended up in the B Final, they made a triumphant comeback in Zagreb. They overtook the Ukrainian boat, pushed past the fast-starting Swiss crew, and secured a silver medal with a time of 6:02.12. Team SA commended the Men’s Four on their significant improvement, stating that “This silver medal marks a significant improvement for the Men’s Four, and the team should be proud of their effort.”

Women’s Double Scull Event

In the Women’s Double Scull event, Katherine Williams and Paige Badenhorst also showed a remarkable performance, earning a well-deserved bronze medal with a time of 7:10.18. The South African duo exhibited mature and controlled rowing, managing to stay ahead of the Ukrainian double and maintaining an overlap with the Austrian team that placed fourth in last year’s global rankings.

Head of Brand’s Excitement

Lucy Lightfoot, RMB’s Head of Brand, expressed her excitement and support for the squad’s high-level performance on the international stage. She congratulated the rowers on their impressive achievements and acknowledged the importance of this first international regatta in their preparation for the Paris Olympics. Additionally, she praised Tiago Loureiro, RMB National Squad Head Coach, along with his team and athletes, for their dedication and efforts towards success for both themselves and South Africa as a whole.

Future Promising

The RMB National Squad’s outstanding performance in Zagreb is a strong indication of a promising future for the rest of their international season. The team attributes their success to the athletes’ dedication, hard work, and the unwavering support of their sponsor, RMB. With their sights set on Olympic qualification in Serbia later this year, the team will continue to build upon their accomplishments and strive for even greater achievements.

Achieving Greater Heights

The RMB National Squad’s achievements at the Rowing World Cup in Croatia are a testament to their potential to compete at the highest levels of international rowing. With continued support and diligence, this talented group of athletes could achieve even greater heights in the sport and represent South Africa with pride on the global stage. As the team progresses through the international season, it will be exciting to see what further accomplishments they can achieve and how their hard work and determination will continue to yield results.

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