Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival: A Celebration of Local Beverages and Artisanal Delights

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Get ready for a festive extravaganza at the Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival, returning on October 7, 2023. The picturesque Jan Marais Nature Reserve will host this celebration of local craft beverages and artisanal food. Enjoy live music, family-friendly activities, and exceptional drinks, including gin, beer, and cider, from local distilleries and breweries. Don’t miss out on exclusive offers and keepsakes, including a discount on round-trip transportation from Cape Town.

Unveiling Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival: A Festive Bonanza

Mark your calendars for the much-awaited Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival, which will make a grand comeback to the annual events schedule on October 7, 2023. Nestled within the picturesque setting of Jan Marais Nature Reserve, this festival promises an enchanting day brimming with the finest craft beverages, exquisite artisanal food, and lively music that will captivate you from 11 am till the sun dips at 7 pm.

Delighting in the Charm of Jan Marais Nature Reserve

The Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival aspires to curate an up-close and personal outdoor experience that honors the region’s handcrafted beverages, encompassing spirits, liqueurs, ciders, and beers. The festival will also present a scrumptious variety of premium street food, making it an irresistible haven for gastronomes and drinks aficionados alike.

An Idyllic Location

Set within the captivating confines of the centrally situated Jan Marais Nature Reserve, attendees are encouraged to indulge in a leisurely walk through the park en route to the festival site. As you saunter along, let the melodious tunes of skilled local musicians charm you with their classic pop/rock renditions, original Afrikaans tunes, reggae rhythms, and soothing jazz harmonies.

Exceptional Food and Family-Friendly Activities

The festival’s vendors will offer an assortment of exceptional food, product demonstrations, engaging games, and contests with innovative prizes at stake. Crafted to be family-oriented, the festival permits free entry for children under 12 and features an inflatable games zone and a play park for the younger attendees.

Exclusive Offers and Keepsakes

Cape {town} Etc is providing a discount on a round trip from Cape Town to the Winelands and back for R2,449 (valued at R3,500). The festival’s yearly beer glasses—a collector’s favorite—are included in your entry fee. However, if you prefer using your own cherished glass from home, you are more than welcome to do so.

Exploring the Craft Drinks Scene

The festival showcases an array of local craft beverages, some of which include:

  1. 9 Orphan’s Distillery: Savor their Turksvy Gin and Eikesap Gin, which draw inspiration from the allure of Eikestad and are skillfully crafted with real acorns.
  2. Rocco Torro: If you’re celebrating your 21st birthday in 2023, present your ID and receive a complimentary Rocco Torro mini spirit!
  3. Pot & Scot: Experience locally made beers and ciders with a smooth and inviting flavor, catering to both novices and seasoned beer enthusiasts.
  4. Non-alcoholic Delights: Be sure to explore offerings from Mahala Botanicals, Everson’s Cider, Dragon Ginger, and more.

Entertainment Extravaganza

The festival presents a full day of amusement, highlighted by live music performances featuring The Gingers, IgniteZA, Van Der Aven, Yndian Mynah, and Conquerors. The schedule is as follows:

  1. 1 pm: The Gingers
  2. 2 pm: IgniteZA
  3. 3 pm: Conquerors
  4. 4 pm: Van Der Aven
  5. 5 pm: Yndian Mynah

A Relaxing Day Amidst the Winelands

So, gather your family, furry companions, friends, umbrellas, and sun hats, and revel in a leisurely day at the heart of the Winelands, courtesy of the Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival.

Festival Information:

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1. When is the Stellenbosch Craft Drinks Festival returning?

The festival is returning on October 7, 2023.

2. Where is the festival taking place?

The festival is taking place in the Jan Marais Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch.

3. What can attendees expect at the festival?

Attendees can expect exceptional craft drinks, artisanal food, live music, family-friendly activities, and exclusive offers and keepsakes.

4. Can children attend the festival?

Yes, children under 12 can enter for free, and there will be an inflatable games zone and a play park for them.

5. What local craft beverages will be showcased at the festival?

The festival will showcase local craft beverages such as Turksvy Gin, Eikesap Gin, locally made beers and ciders, and non-alcoholic options.

6. What entertainment will be provided at the festival?

The festival will feature live music performances from various artists such as The Gingers, IgniteZA, and Conquerors.

7. Are there any discounts or special offers for the festival?

Cape {town} Etc is providing a discount on a round trip from Cape Town to the Winelands and back, and the festival’s yearly beer glasses are included in the entry fee.

8. Where can I get tickets for the festival?

Tickets are available on Quicket.

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