A heroic man died trying to save three teenagers in a rip current at Mnandi Beach.

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Activists and other people who are willing to help those in need often risk their lives when doing so. If the story which is circulating on social media about a man from Mitchells Plain who died while saving three teenagers caught in a rip current holds true, this might be an example.

The story begins with 48-year-old Reza Yon. Yon reportedly sprang into action when he saw the teens in trouble, grabbing a body board.

The National Sea and Rescue Institute (NSRI) in Strandfontein was alerted of the drowning incident at 2:45pm on Sunday. They responded to the scene and were told that there was a drowning in progress, according to reports.

NSRI immediately went to the scene to help, but other rescue organizations couldn’t make it because of load shedding, which prevented digital commmunication.

“On arrival, the NSRI rescue craft rescued two teenagers who were using a body board for flotation,” said the NSRI in a statement. “They were both hypothermic and in shock.”

Once we got close to the shore, the teenage girl said she could see her friend who was safe, but that she had lost sight of the male who was helping them.

The NSRI rescue craft managed to spot Yon in the mid-break surf zone, but sadly was unable to retrieve him alive.

After the paramedics unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate Yon, he was sadly declared deceased.

Two of the boys are 13 years old and one is 14.

“The sheriff is happy to share that we were able to rescue the three teens who were surfing and performing underwater stunts without flotation devices,” he said. “Reza Yon is relieved the three teenagers didn’t drown and will be commended for his life-saving jump in with a body board.”

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