Belgium’s King and Queen to Visit South Africa

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Royal Dutch Family comes to South Africa

In a historic visit, the King and Queen of Belgium will be visiting South Africa for the first time from 22 to 27 March. The visit will focus on strengthening business and government relationships, as well as promoting cultural exchanges between the two nations.

Direct Flight to South Africa

The royal couple will be flying to South Africa onboard Air Belgium, which celebrated its first flight to the country in September 2022. The direct flight from Brussels to Johannesburg provides both conveniences for travelers and valuable economic opportunities.

Strong Economic Ties

The visit highlights the strong economic ties between Belgium and South Africa, with mutual respect and admiration between the two nations. Since 1994, there have been numerous high-level visits between the two nations, but this is the first State Visit from the Belgian Royal Couple to South Africa.

Creating Economic Opportunities

“Our direct flights between Brussels and Johannesburg provide not only a convenience for travelers but also valuable economic opportunities. We believe this visit is a significant milestone for Air Belgium, and we look forward to the many opportunities that will arise as a result of it,” says Niky Terzakis, Air Belgium CEO.

The Royal Family’s Tour Itinerary

During their visit, the Belgian Royal Family will attend various events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, including business meetings, government talks, and cultural tours. The first state visit by the Belgian Royal Couple is a significant moment for South Africa and Belgium. It highlights the strong friendship and economic cooperation between the two nations and reinforces the importance of direct flights in promoting trade and tourism.

Air Belgium is committed to providing seamless travel experiences for its passengers while also focusing on sustainable tourism. The airline’s direct flights between Belgium and South Africa are essential for promoting economic opportunities and cultural exchange between the two nations.

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