Cape Town Announces Planned Water Supply Disruptions

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water supply disruptions

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Directorate has announced scheduled water supply disruptions in certain areas from 7th to 12th May. The disturbances may cause inconvenience, but it is necessary to maintain and improve the water supply infrastructure.

Check for Scheduled Work in Your Neighborhoods

The City encourages residents in affected areas to check for scheduled work in their neighborhoods to prepare for potential water supply disruptions.

Reasons for Water Supply Disruptions

The planned water supply disruptions are linked to several reasons, including zero-pressure tests, step tests, conditional assessments, and maintenance work.

Zero-Pressure Tests

Zero-pressure tests are part of the pressure management installation process, which is necessary to manage water pressure effectively and reduce the possibility of pipe bursts and water wastage. Zero-pressure tests will be conducted on the main water supply to Delft and Bizweni, disrupting the water supply.

Step Tests and Conditional Assessments

Step tests and conditional assessments are necessary to ensure that the pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) in the water supply network operate effectively, managing the pressures at the determined settings to preserve the pipeline’s lifespan and reduce water wastage resulting from pipe bursts.

Maintenance Work

Maintenance work, such as pipe and valve installations, repairs, and replacements, is another reason for water supply disruptions. For example, the faulty control valves on the main water supply to the Bellville CBD, Triangle Farm, Bellville South, Labiance, Greenlands, Glenhaven, and Stikland areas need urgent replacement.

Prepare for Potential Disruptions

The City advises residents to prepare for potential disruptions by storing enough water in clean sealed containers and keeping their taps closed to prevent water loss and damage when the water supply is restored.

Possible Discolored Water

It is also essential to note that the maintenance work may take longer than anticipated. The water may appear discolored or milky for a short period after the supply has been restored due to trapped air in the pipes.

Follow @CityofCTAlerts on Twitter

Finally, the City advises residents to follow @CityofCTAlerts on Twitter for updates on the maintenance work and location of tankers where applicable. The City has carefully considered the planning of this work to ensure it is being done at a time that is least disruptive to the water supply. All sites where water and sanitation repairs and upgrades are conducted are deemed construction sites and, as such, are off-limits to members of the public.

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