Cape Town is launching a new Highway Patrol Unit in order to improve road safety.

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Cape Town has begun to take traffic management seriously, with the launch of a 24-hour traffic service. The first move towards infrastructure that takes into account the needs of car owners in Cape Town before the festive season.

To help reduce crime in the area and crack down on drivers who speed or break traffic laws, the police department has decided to install dashcams on 30 vehicles today. The officer’s body-worn cameras will also be updated.

The patrol cars will drive around the major routes of the city, enforce traffic laws and respond to incidents detected by our city’s freeway management systems cameras.

ANPR technology is used for many different applications, including verifying warrants, identifying cloned vehicles plates and stolen vehicles.

“We’ll keep making investments and acquiring new cutting-edge crime-fighting technology until every resident feels safe in Cape Town”, said Geordin Hill-Lewis, the mayor.

“This unit will allow officers to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It includes new technology that will make them more effective. The activation of this unit is important since we’re preparing for the holiday season. We need our staff to be fully prepared and ready to serve the needs of residents and visitors alike.”

As a member of the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee for Safety and Security, JP Smith said that this new unit will be a welcome addition to current efforts to reduce crime in their area. The unit has been under development for a while, but was delayed due to the pandemic.

“In the past, our metro police department has done sporadic patrols on mainly the N2 and R300 amid an increase in attacks, but this new highway patrol unit will expand our reach to other routes including the N7 which has developed a reputation for increasing crime rates.”

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