Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel: A Cultural and Culinary Marvel by the Sea

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casa labia ideas cartel

Explore the enchanting ambiance of Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel, an establishment that caters to the refined tastes of the discerning guests. Situated on Muizenberg’s Main Road, this national monument offers an exceptional multi-functional cultural experience, complete with awe-inspiring ocean views, romantic interiors, and lush lawns for relaxation.

A Historical Architectural Marvel

The striking architecture of Casa Labia draws inspiration from 18th-century Venice, with its construction dating back to 1929. As the beloved residence of Count and Countess Natale Labia, the estate underwent extensive renovation before opening to the public in 2010. Today, it stands as one of South Africa’s most prestigious cultural hubs, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its illustrious history and artistic allure.

A Restaurant that Delights the Senses

Casa Labia’s restaurant serves mouth-watering Italian-style cuisine, aromatic coffee, scrumptious cakes, pastries, and exquisite wines. Patrons can even pre-book picnics on the lawn, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the False Bay coastline. With its sumptuous ambiance, Casa Labia is the perfect destination for a memorable date night, especially during the colder months.

Historical Interiors and Legacy

The interiors of Casa Labia, which were imported from Venice, were carefully crafted under the supervision of Italian decorator Angelo Zaniol. Zaniol left a priceless legacy in the form of a still-life painting in the dining room. Since its establishment in 1930, the house has become a popular gathering spot for diplomats, academics, and businessmen, including South Africa’s former Minister of Finance, Nicolaas Christiaan Havenga, and entrepreneur Isidore William Schlesinger.

A Versatile Cultural Hub by Ideas Cartel

In September 2020, Ideas Cartel, based in Cape Town, took over the management of Casa Labia Cultural Centre. The establishment now features a members’ club, coworking space, public restaurant, and two suites for overnight stays. Since its inception, Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel has prioritized providing exceptional experiences in an unparalleled and unique setting.

Catering to Your Special Occasions

Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel caters to weddings, private events, dinners, conferences, cocktail parties, and film or stills shoots. The on-site restaurant offers a charming and authentic culinary experience, serving mouth-watering Italian-style dishes crafted with locally sourced South African ingredients. Alongside an impressive wine list, guests can indulge in exquisite Italian cuisine, exceptional coffee, and homemade cakes and pastries. For something special, consider pre-booking high teas or picnics to savor the stunning coastal views.

Hours of Operation and Contact Details

Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel is open Monday through Sunday, offering breakfast and lunch with an à la carte menu. The winter menu features satisfying dishes such as slow-cooked beef ossobuco and creamy mushroom risotto. Visit Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel for a truly enthralling dining experience and celebrate this versatile cultural jewel on the shores of the sea.


  • Location: 192 Main Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm | Friday and Saturday, 8 am to 9 pm | Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm
  • Reservation:
  • Contact: 072 902 0440 | [email protected]
  • Website:

Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel is an extraordinary and captivating destination that offers a blend of cultural, culinary, and architectural experiences. Whether you’re seeking an elegant venue for an event or simply a memorable dining experience, Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel is a must-visit cultural gem by the sea.

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