Celebrating Excellence: The 2023 National Teaching Awards in the Western Cape

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The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is calling for nominations for the 2023 National Teaching Awards (NTAs) to recognize and honor exceptional teachers who have made significant contributions to shaping future generations. The nominations, from teachers across the Western Cape, will close on 24 July 2023.

Inspiring Excellence in Teaching

The NTAs inspire educators to strive for excellence in their profession. Previous recipients of this prestigious award have achieved remarkable milestones within the education sector, setting benchmarks for future winners.

A Platform for Recognition

The Provincial Teaching Awards ceremony, scheduled to take place in August, will select winners to participate in the National Teaching Awards in October 2023. The Western Cape has shown remarkable talent with six nominees placing in the top three nationwide, with four winners and two second-place recipients. The Western Cape Education Department is confident that this year’s nominees will excel on the national stage.

Call to Action

Teachers, School Governing Bodies, and district officials are encouraged to submit nominations to their principals or center managers. Guides and application forms have been distributed to all schools and are also available on the WCED website.

Categories for Recognition

The National Teaching Awards offer recognition for diverse skills and achievements in 14 categories, including:

  • Excellence in Grade R Teaching
  • Excellence in Primary School Teaching (Grades 1–7)
  • Excellence in Primary School Leadership
  • Excellence in Secondary School Teaching (Grades 8–12)
  • Excellence in Secondary School Leadership
  • Excellence in Special Needs Teaching
  • Excellence in Special Needs School Leadership
  • Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (GET)
  • Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (FET)
  • Excellence in Teaching Natural Sciences
  • Excellence in Teaching Physical Sciences
  • Excellence in Technology – Enhanced Teaching and Learning
  • Best Teacher Award
  • Kader Asmal Lifetime Achievement Award

Embracing Diversity

The Western Cape Education Department encourages all teachers to seize this opportunity to participate and showcase their teaching excellence in the province.

Acknowledging Professional Achievements

The 2023 National Teaching Awards provide a platform not only for acknowledging teachers’ exceptional work but also for reflecting on their professional achievements and inspiring both their peers and students.

Celebrating Excellence

With its emphasis on excellence and innovation, the awards ceremony promises to leave a lasting impact on the education landscape in the Western Cape and beyond.

Learn More

To learn more about the 2022 Provincial Teaching Award winners and their inspiring achievements, visit the WCED website at: https://wcedonline.westerncape.gov.za/2022-national-teaching-awards-provincial-winners

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