Celebrating South Africa’s Iconic Snacks

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south africa iconic snacks

South Africa is a country steeped in culture and history, with a rich culinary heritage. The country boasts an array of mouth-watering snacks that have been savored for generations. These snacks are not only delicious but also evoke fond memories of childhood and simpler times. Let’s take a journey through some of South Africa’s most cherished snacks that have stood the test of time.

Steri Stumpie

Steri Stumpie has been a household favorite since 1970. This flavored milk is a staple in many South African homes, with everyone having their favorite flavor. It’s impossible to find a local who doesn’t adore Steri Stumpies.


CHOMP has been satisfying South African taste buds since 1970. This caramel wafer is an iconic snack that induces nostalgia in many locals. The ‘bigmouth hippo’ advertisement from the 1990s is a fond memory for many, featuring the catchy catchphrase ‘you’ll just have to grow some more kid.’

Wilsons Champion Toffees (Wilson Blocks)

Since 1940, Wilsons Champion Toffees has been a proudly South African treat. These chewy blocks of goodness remain true to their claim of being ‘the big taste that lasts.’


Chappies bubble gum was launched in the 1940s as a more affordable alternative to Wicks Bubble Gum. Generations of children have enjoyed blowing bubbles with Chappies, often under the watchful gaze of disapproving parents.

Bakers Choice Assorted

The festive season in Cape Town is signaled by the arrival of Bakers Choice Assorted biscuits. Since the 1980s, families have playfully argued over their favorite biscuit selection.

Willards Flings

Willards Flings is a pioneering chip that has introduced countless South African babies to the world of snacking. The tradition of using Flings as a transitional snack is likely to continue for years to come.

Ouma Rusks

South Africans have been dipping Ouma Rusks into their tea and coffee since 1939. While the recipe has evolved over time, the comforting experience remains the same.

Beacon Fizz Pop

Beacon Fizz Pop is a lollipop from the early 1980s, known for its delicious flavor and sherbet center. Despite occasional mouth injuries caused by its sharp edges, it remains a favorite among South Africans.

Choc Stix

Choc Stix is a perfect blend of chocolate and pretzel that has been delighting taste buds since the 1970s, often consumed by handfuls.

Zoo Biscuits

Zoo Biscuits are animal-shaped, sugar-coated biscuits that have been synonymous with party treats since 1895. The popularity of these biscuits has spanned generations, with various methods of consumption favored among children.

These iconic snacks have played an integral part in creating memories and evoking emotions for generations of South Africans. Each snack holds a special place in the hearts of locals and continues to contribute to the diverse culinary landscape of the country. Whether you are a seasoned South African or a curious traveler, make sure to indulge in these timeless treats to experience a true taste of South African history and culture.

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