Deputy Minister Lisa Mangcu to Visit Families Affected by Eastern Cape Car Crash

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Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Lisa Mangcu, will be visiting the families affected by a tragic road accident that claimed the lives of 15 people on July 2, 2023. Along with officials from various agencies, Mangcu will be visiting the crash site to pay tribute to the victims and offer support to their families.

A Comprehensive Response to a Tragic Incident

The visit by Deputy Minister Mangcu is an act of compassion and solidarity towards the families affected by the devastating road accident that occurred on the N10 in Middleburg, Eastern Cape. The officials accompanying the Deputy Minister include representatives from the Eastern Cape Province, the Road Accident Fund (RAF), the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and the Inxuba Yethemba Local Municipality. Together, they aim to offer support to the victims’ families and honor the lives lost.

A Collaborative Approach to Road Safety

The visit emphasizes the need for a collaborative approach towards road safety issues in South Africa. It highlights the importance of implementing effective strategies and improving safety measures to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future. By working together and sharing resources and expertise, various agencies and organizations can develop and implement improved safety regulations.

A Call to Action for All South Africans

The Deputy Minister’s visit is also a call to action for all South Africans. It emphasizes the need for each individual to take responsibility for their actions on the road and contribute to a safer environment for all. By doing so, the nation can move towards reducing the number of fatal accidents on its roads.

Continuing Commitment to Supporting the Local Community

In the coming days, Deputy Minister Mangcu and the accompanying officials will continue to work closely with the local community and those affected by this tragic event. Their commitment to providing assistance and improving road safety in the Eastern Cape and across the country serves as a testament to the government’s dedication to preventing further loss of life on South Africa’s roads.

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