Growth for Jobs Tourism Challenge Fund Boosts South Africa’s Tourism Industry

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growth for jobs tourism challenge fund south africa tourism industry

The Growth for Jobs Tourism Challenge Fund is a significant development in South Africa’s tourism industry, providing a much-needed boost for the sector. This proactive move by the Western Cape Province’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) aims to help the tourism industry recover from the pandemic’s impact and ensure long-term growth.

Enhancing High Volume Tourism Attractions

The fund’s first category aims to enhance high volume tourism attractions through tourism infrastructure development or upgrades. This initiative ensures that tourists can visit attractions and experiences safely. It also benefits local communities by creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy.

Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Tourism Enterprises

The fund’s second category focuses on supporting small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMMEs) with tourism product development. This category is essential for sustainable growth in the tourism industry. The fund prioritizes initiatives aimed at stimulating high yield forms of tourism, including Halal, adventure, gastronomy, heritage, and sustainable tourism.

A Holistic Solution

This two-pronged approach provides a holistic solution to the challenges facing the tourism industry in the Western Cape Province. The Growth for Jobs Tourism Challenge Fund encourages collaboration between the public and private sectors, which is essential for the industry’s success.

Application Process

The deadline for applications is May 22, 2023. Interested businesses/organizations can access further information on the application process on the Western Cape Government’s website. The Growth for Jobs Tourism Challenge Fund is an exciting opportunity for the tourism industry to invest in its future success and contribute to South Africa’s economic development.

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