Noodle Box Newlands: A Journey to Asia in Cape Town

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Noodle Box Newlands

Get ready to indulge in the flavors of Asia while in the leafy suburbs of Cape Town at Noodle Box Newlands. This restaurant is owned by Christo Bornman and is known for celebrating the unique flavors and freshness of authentic Asian cuisine. You can find handmade noodles and the freshest, most sustainable ingredients, including gluten-free and vegan options. In addition, all meals are halaal-friendly, making it easier for everyone to find something they love.

Menu Highlights

The menu takes you on a culinary journey through the food of Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Japan. You can start with delicious dishes such as salmon potstickers, prawn wontons with hot-and-sour sauce, street-style chili squid, and panko prawn poppers with sweet Indonesian soya dipping sauce.

One of the standout dishes is the prawn pad Thai with perfectly cooked noodles, a great number of prawns in a spicy, slightly sweet tamarind sauce, carrots, baby marrows, and red onion. Adding toasted coconut flakes and crunchy peanuts adds excellent texture and flavor. For mains, try the traditional Indonesian dish of nasi goreng, which is rice topped with a fried egg, or one of the vegetarian noodle dishes, all of which can be customized with chicken, beef, mushrooms, prawns, or squid.

Atmosphere at Noodle Box Newlands

Enjoy the calming tones of wood reminiscent of Japanese onsens while taking in your surroundings at Noodle Box Newlands. The restaurant has bar-style seating inside and a few round tables outside, perfect for sharing if you can’t decide and want to try everything. The ceiling is decorated with traditional blue-and-white plates, which make for an interesting discussion point until your food arrives.


The staff at Noodle Box makes it a standout experience. Staff are happy to make recommendations, and everyone is friendly and helpful. The manager Martha Phiri is accommodating. The attentive waiters are also worth mentioning, especially Joseph and Blessing, who have received numerous compliments in reviews.

Details for Noodle Box Newlands

  • Address: 8 Cardiff Castle Centre, Kildare Road and Main Street, Newlands, Cape Town
  • Phone: +27 60 704 3499
  • Email:
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11.30 am – 8pm
  • Website: Noodle Box Newlands

Noodle Box Newlands is the perfect destination for a delicious and satisfying meal, with delicious Asian cuisine, friendly service, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Stop by and experience the taste of Asia right in Cape Town.

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