Norval Foundation Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Festivities

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norval foundation fifth anniversary Cape Town

The Norval Foundation is excited to celebrate its fifth anniversary this Sunday, offering various thrilling activities for all ages. The day is packed with fun and festivities, from live music performances to food stalls and tastings of local wines, craft beers, and gins. In addition, kids can participate in various delightful activities, including scavenger hunts, cupcake decorating, and balloon shaping.

Norval Foundation: A Leading Art Destination

Over the past five years, the Norval Foundation has become a top art destination in Cape Town and worldwide, featuring an impressive lineup of exhibitions. The venue also boasts two exquisite restaurants that offer unparalleled dining experiences that complement the exceptional art displays. In addition, because it gives children such beautiful opportunities to interact with art, the Norval Foundation remains a very well-liked destination for families.

Exclusive Offers for Members

Visitors who are not members of the foundation must purchase a day pass to go to the museum or the sculpture garden. Foundation members get free admission to the birthday celebration. Art enthusiasts are granted unrestricted access to the museum’s nine galleries as well as the Sculpture Garden for one year beginning on the date of their membership purchase. This allows them to explore the museum’s unique collection to their heart’s content. For the low, low price of R280, members may take advantage of a special deal that includes a sample glass for them to take home as well as four vouchers that can be used for wine, beer, or gin tastings in the garden (the total worth of which is R340).

In addition to the birthday festivities, the Norval Foundation offers a Play by Nature Workshop that focuses on sensory integration and provides an educational, engaging, and entertaining session for children. The workshop offers an excellent opportunity for parents to enjoy the art and culture while their kids learn and have fun.

Take advantage of the chance to spend a day at the Norval Foundation with your loved ones while being engrossed in the world of art and culture. This is a fantastic opportunity that you should take advantage of.


Location: Norval Foundation | 4 Steenberg Road, Tokai, Cape Town
Contact: 087 654 5900

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