Successful Educational Program at Westridge Gardens for World Earth Day

An educational program was held at Westridge Gardens to celebrate World Earth Day, which was a success with the participation of sixty learners from Princeton Secondary in Woodlands. World Earth Day is an annual celebration that began in the United States in 1970 and is celebrated every April 22. This year’s theme was “Invest in Our Future,” emphasizing the importance of investing in the local green economy, reducing personal carbon footprint, and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

The Tragic History of Muti Killings in South Africa

Muti killings have been a dark part of South Africa’s history for over a century, dating back to the early 1900s. This horrific practice involves the harvesting of human body parts for use in potions by traditional healers or sangomas. The belief is that these potions made from human body parts will bring luck, wealth, cure illnesses, and even protect against evil spirits.

Cape Town Set to Resurface Several Streets

The City of Cape Town has recently announced a new roadworks project, which will resurface multiple streets in various parts of the city. This project will entail the installation of curbs and channels, removing existing road surfaces, and replacing hotmix asphalt. There will also be reinstatement and amendment of the road markings.

Johannesburg’s Roads Plagued by Potholes

Residents of Johannesburg are facing a nightmare on the city’s roads, which are in a state of disrepair. The lack of adequate maintenance has led to the proliferation of potholes that make driving a dangerous proposition. Despite the efforts of the newlyelected mayor, Thapelo Amad, the situation remains unchanged.

Efforts to Address Crime in Western Cape Lead to Arrests for Illegal Firearm Possession

Recent efforts to address the root causes of crime in the Western Cape have arrested several suspects for illegal firearm possession. The arrests were made following a shooting in Manenberg, where a 13yearold boy was injured. As a result, antigang unit members increased their efforts and apprehended a 34yearold woman attempting to dispose of a CZ pistol with a fully loaded magazine containing 15 rounds. The illegal firearm and ammunition led to the possibility that it was linked to the shooting of the 13yearold, and the matter is currently under investigation.

World Immunisation Week – Promoting the Prevention of Diseases through Vaccinations

World Immunisation Week is a yearly event between April 24 and April 30. The campaign aims to encourage vaccinations to prevent diseases and promote healthy communities. City Health is crucial in administering vaccines, particularly among young children. Recent outbreaks of measles in different provinces have highlighted the importance of vaccines. The national government launched a measles vaccination campaign, but adhering to the national vaccination schedule for children is essential in preventing outbreaks of diseases.

South African STES Unit Fights Against Poaching and Stock Theft

South Africa has a diverse population of endangered species, including rhinos, elephants, and crocodiles, facing constant threats from poachers and traffickers. As a response to these crimes, the Stilfontein Stock Theft and Endangered Species (STES) Unit investigates and prevents them in the North West Province.

The Importance of Access to Nature for Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Well-being in Developing Countries

Access to nature is not a luxury but a necessity for physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. Numerous studies in many countries have documented the benefits of being in nature. However, more research needs to be done in developing countries on the importance of nature experience. In these countries, nature is often considered a luxury once basic needs are met. Instead, the focus is on economic development, housing and sanitation, and access to green space. As urbanization accelerates in developing countries, nature experience is becoming increasingly rare, and access to nature and green spaces is highly skewed along socioeconomic lines.

The Ongoing Conflict in Sudan and South Africa’s Involvement

The situation in Sudan has been volatile since the removal of former President Omar alBashir in April 2019. The country has been in a transitional period, with a powersharing government comprising military and civilian factions. However, tensions have risen in recent weeks due to disagreements over the country’s future.

City of Cape Town Supports Annual Suidoosterfees

The City of Cape Town is proud to support once again the annual Suidoosterfees, which will take place from April 26 to May 1, 2023, at the Artscape. This festival has become a major cultural event on the Cape Town calendar and highlights the best of the region’s arts and culture scene.

City of Cape Town Upgrades Sewer Pump Stations

The City of Cape Town recently completed upgrades to the Koeberg Road and Langa sewer pump stations to protect the infrastructure from damage and reduce the risk of sewer overflows. The upgrades cost R2.36 million between both pump stations. ## New Filtration Screens

Successful Operation by Operation Restore

Early this morning, Operation Restore executed a successful roadblock on the N7 near Klawer, arresting two suspects who were found in possession of illegal precious stones, uncut diamonds, and rubies. The strategic deployment of Operation Restore members along entry and exit routes of the province proved to be effective in apprehending the suspects.

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