TANG: A Luxury Asian Restaurant + Bar

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The Harmony of Landscapes and Luxuries

The narrative of TANG V&A Waterfront is as layered as its offerings—a luxurious sanctuary planted amidst Cape Town’s iconic V&A Waterfront. A view of Table Mountain juxtaposed against a yacht-dappled harbor is not merely a backdrop; it’s an integral part of the ambiance. Nicky van der Walt, the maven behind the brand, judiciously selected this location as a sequel to TANG’s initial success in Johannesburg. Given Cape Town’s international allure and its gastronomic reputation, this placement is not just strategic but poetic.

Tristan Du Plessis, the luminary in the realm of interior design, adorns the restaurant’s 700-square-metre area with elemental sophistication. Marble cascades and a walk-in wine cellar bring an undeniably luxe touch, while playful hints of cherry blossoms introduce an ethereal softness. The design captures the essence of the restaurant—lavish yet grounded.

The V&A Waterfront itself is in the midst of a dining revolution, according to Alex Kabalin, Executive for Retail. The inclusion of TANG elevates the precinct’s reputation for offering a sophisticated and varied sensory dining experience. It’s not just about a restaurant adding its name to a location; it’s about a location gaining vibrancy through an institution.

Crafting Gastronomic Sonnets at TANG

As you delve into TANG’s culinary realm, you’re greeted by an array of dishes that resonate with authenticity and innovation. Chef Vixa Kalenga and Executive Chef Tanki Ernest Tsosane masterfully deliver contemporary Japanese izakayas and classic Cantonese cuisines. Kalenga, who brings a background steeped in both French and Asian culinary traditions, is unapologetically obsessed with authenticity. His unwavering commitment to original recipes eschews the trendy fusions that often muddle the core essence of Asian cooking.

An extensive menu tempts the palate with options ranging from yellowtail sashimi to a wok station featuring the likes of Wagyu beef and Alaskan black cod. The Peking duck is not merely a dish; it’s a revelation, its flavors and preparation having been honed over a meticulous period. The black cod miso further impresses, spending three days in a miso-citrus-soy marinade that elevates it to an art form.

Robata grills are special note performers in this gastronomic orchestra. They aren’t just cooking appliances but time capsules that evoke the primal, comforting allure of fireside cooking deeply embedded in Asian culture. TANG doesn’t just serve food; it serves a narrative, woven through with the finest threads of global ingredients like caviar and truffles.

The Metaphysics of Flavor and Sensory Intrigue at the TANG

The richness of experience extends beyond the plating and into the plate itself. The name “TANG” is not just an articulation of a restaurant; it signifies a dynasty, a period when sensory experiences were revered. The chefs’ impeccable attention to flavor intricacies ensures that each bite resonates with the restaurant’s very name, enveloping the diner in a momentary, sublime fantasy.

The restaurant is more than a sum of its offerings; it’s a curated sensory journey. The quality of the food is mirrored in the drink selection, further substantiating its claim to an all-encompassing dining experience. From an array of meticulously selected wines to inventive cocktails that dance along the fine line between tradition and modernity, each glass serves as an evocative companion to your meal.

Lastly, the dessert menu does not play a mere epilogue in this dining narrative; it’s the crescendo. A catalogue of avant-garde offerings like yuzu-based delicacies and matcha-infused creations ties the entire experience into a bow of uncompromising quality and imagination.

An Epicurean Haven at the Tip of Africa

TANG V&A Waterfront is not just a restaurant; it’s an ecosystem of fine dining—rooted in authenticity, nurtured by innovation, and bloomed into a realm where every square foot is a tribute to luxurious indulgence. In this world, diners aren’t just spectators; they are participants in an unfolding drama of culinary artistry and architectural finesse. Its emergence adds an extra layer of gloss to Cape Town’s already vibrant dining scene, cementing its position as a global gastronomic hub. It’s not merely a place to eat; it’s a sanctuary for those who view dining as an art form—a realm where every bite, sip, and glance across the waters elevates you to a different state of being.

Tang Interior and Menu

Contact Information for TANG

You can find TANG at Ground Level, Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront, and Cape Town. You can book your table through DinePlan, or contact them at:

Come to TANG and experience the perfect blend of luxury, flavor, and ambiance.

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