Planned Roadworks in Somerset West

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The City of Cape Town is undertaking a road renovation project along Irene Avenue in Somerset West to enhance urban mobility in the area. The road surface has shown signs of wear and tear, and the stormwater channels require realignment, making the project necessary.

Scope of Work

The project has a comprehensive scope of work, including the installation and realignment of stormwater channels, removal of existing asphalt surfacing replaced by hot-mix asphalt, and reinstatement of road markings. The kerbs affected by tree root damage will also be replaced and realigned to ensure a safer and smoother road surface for motorists.

Minimal Disruptions

The Urban Mobility Directorate of the City has taken measures to ensure minimal disruptions to residents and businesses in the area. Roadworks will be scheduled between 09:00 and 15:30 from Monday to Saturday. One lane will remain open during the ongoing work, and all lanes will be open during peak hour periods in the morning and afternoon, although both directions of Irene Avenue will be affected.

Cooperation and Patience

Councillor Rob Quintas, Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Mobility, has urged residents to cooperate and be patient throughout the renovation process. While the project aims to minimize traffic disruptions, motorists are advised to consider alternative routes when possible to avoid potential delays.

Benefits of the Project

Once completed, the revitalized road surface along Irene Avenue will offer residents and businesses a safer, smoother, and more efficient mode of transportation. The new road will enhance urban mobility in the area and improve the overall driving experience.

Residents and businesses can seek additional information by reaching out to the Transport Information Centre toll-free on 0800 65 64 63 or through email at The project is expected to benefit the community in the long run, and the City of Cape Town aims to complete it with as little interruption as possible.

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