Police Dog Sacrifices Life to Save Handler

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Deacon, a Rottweiler police dog, died a hero by saving his handler’s life and assisting in the arrest of a dangerous suspect. The incident happened on Monday, March 20, 2023, in the St. Francis Bay.

Responding to a Call

Deacon and his handler, Sergeant Pat Le Grange, went to the scene of a housebreaking. They were told that the suspect or suspects had gone into the thick bushes nearby, so they went after them.

Fighting the Suspect

As Sgt. Le Grange stood up, and the suspect lunged at him with a knife, but Deacon, who had already been stabbed, still got up to protect his handler and pounced on the suspect, enabling him to arrest him.

Tragic Death

Once Sgt. Le Grange got Deacon in custody, and he saw that he was bleeding heavily. He took Deacon right away to a neighboring vet to get help. Deacon was treated and put back together, but an hour later, he died from his wounds because his heart stopped beating.

A Young Hero

When Deacon joined the police K9 crime-fighting unit in July 2022, he was just 21 months old. After Deacon’s death, the suspect is being charged with breaking into a residence, assaulting a police officer, and causing damage to property on purpose.

Deacon’s heroic actions are a true testament to the bravery of police dogs and their unwavering commitment to their handlers. His sacrifice will never be forgotten, and he will always be remembered as a young hero who gave his life to protect his handlers.Here is the list of artists and their works that you can browse here:

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