Prince Albert to Host Inaugural Jazz Festival

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Journey to Jazz, a world-class music festival, will take place in Prince Albert, a charming town in the heart of the Karoo, in May of this year. Produced in collaboration with the Prince Albert Community Trust’s outreach program, 100 of the town’s youth will showcase their skills in event production, sound engineering, photography, videography, media, marketing, and music performance. The festival’s creative director, Brenda Sisane, emphasizes the unifying power of music and the storytelling abilities of Jazz.

The Festival and Its Line-Up

Scheduled from May 3 to May 7, the festival coincides with International Jazz Day, celebrating the genre’s role in uniting people across borders. The festival boasts an impressive line-up of local and international jazz artists, including Kyle Shepherd Trio, Melanie Scholtz, Hein Ven Der Geyn, and Derek Gripper.

The festival will take place in Prince Albert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a town that has established itself as a creative and culinary destination. In addition to music performances, there will be markets, food stalls, local restaurants, buskers, dancers, painters, and more. The main road will be the center of the action, with the top performances taking place in the NG Church. Tickets for each concert and a limited number of weekend passes will be sold. The funds raised from the event will be donated to PACT to help the organization maintain the high quality of service it provides regularly.

Exclusive Performances and Hospitality

For an intimate and exclusive experience, several lunch or dinner concerts will be held at some of the restaurant venues. Seating is limited to 50 per performance. Additionally, Prince Albert has a variety of welcoming guesthouses. Finally, the town has curated several other experiences, with a percentage of the earnings going to PACT.

In conclusion, Journey to Jazz promises to be a world-class festival that showcases the talent of local and international jazz artists. In addition, the collaboration with 100 of the town’s youth highlights the festival’s commitment to community development. With an impressive line-up of artists, local culinary delights, and an array of experiences, the festival promises to provide an unforgettable long weekend of festivities and great music.

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