Snake Rescuer Nick Evans Catches Boomslang on Human Rights Day Holiday

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Nick Evans

Nick Evans is a well-known snake rescuer in South Africa. His Human Rights Day public holiday, we got off to a “nice start” when he was asked to catch a boomslang. The boomslang is a highly poisonous but calm species of snake. It can be hard to tell it apart from harmless snakes like Spotted Bush Snakes and Natal Greens since it looks like them.

Evans was thrilled to save this lovely boomslang from a Field’s Hill region property. He had a busy week last week when he kept four black mambas in one day. Even though he doesn’t see them often, it was great for him to see them.

Evans says the boomslang is significantly more extensive and has more black spots than a typical green snake. The males are usually light olive-brown, but sometimes they are green. The juveniles are brown and have green eyes.

Nick Evans is the person to go to if you reside in KwaZulu-Natal and see a snake. He knows how to help snakes return to their natural homes and has the expertise.

Nick Evans: The Snake Rescuer

Nick Evans dedicated his life to rescuing snakes and other wildlife. He is an experienced herpetologist who has worked with various conservation organizations, including the KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

Evans is passionate about wildlife and believes it is essential to educate people about the importance of conservation. He regularly conducts talks and workshops on snake awareness and safety and shares his knowledge and experience on social media.

The work of snake rescuers like Nick Evans is crucial in conserving South Africa’s rich biodiversity. By rescuing snakes and other wildlife, they help ensure that these animals are not killed or harmed by people who fear them.

Tips for Dealing with Snakes

If you ever come across a snake and are not sure what to do, here are some tips from Nick Evans:

  • Keep your distance and do not approach the snake.
  • Do not attempt to catch or kill the snake.
  • Call a snake rescuer or the local wildlife authority for assistance.
  • If you are in a remote area and cannot get help, move away slowly and give the snake plenty of space.
  • Wear protective clothing and footwear when hiking or working in areas where snakes are likely to present.

Snakes are essential to South Africa’s natural heritage and should be respected and protected. If you encounter a snake, stay calm and seek help from a qualified snake rescuer or wildlife authority.

Environmentalist and Outdoor Enthusiast. Amanda is a nature-loving, energetic, and enthusiastic environmentalist who has dedicated her life to exploring and protecting Cape Town's stunning natural landscapes. She is an experienced hiker, wildlife enthusiast, and advocate for sustainable tourism.

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