South Africa’s First-Ever Street Animation Festival: #AnimateCT Challenge

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The recently concluded #AnimateCT Challenge has gained immense popularity among South Africa’s creative community and animation enthusiasts. The festival marked the first-ever street animation competition in South Africa, centered around the theme of “Unexpected”. Thirty-three animators from across the nation submitted videos set in ten chosen hotspots around Cape Town, such as Radisson RED, Sea Point Pavilion, and Camps Bay Tidal Pool.

Winners of the Competition

The competition saw over 3,500 votes cast by the public while a distinguished panel of top animators and placemakers, including Tshepo Moche, Mike Buckland, Karabo Likhethe, and Karla de la Bat, selected the finest entries in three categories. Sheila Malagas, a fortunate voter, won a year’s worth of accommodation at The Heriot City Apartments.

Garth Sanders emerged as the Public Favourite Artist with his animation ‘Peek-a-Boo,’ which showcased an elderly bird trying to relax on a park bench but being interrupted by a bothersome youngster. Anelissa Nkanyuza bagged the Jury Favourite prize for ‘Unexpected,’ a touching story about love and life set in Sea Point Pavilion.

Tolonambinina Rakotoarivony won the Best Use of Animation Principles award for ‘A Quick Dip,’ an animation that captures the refreshing experience of starting one’s day with a quick swim at Camps Bay Tidal Pool. Cabblow Studios earned the Best Use of Space accolade with their submissions featuring Nando’s Kloof Street, City Hall, and CTICC. Their animations depicted Mma and Morwedi, a mother and daughter clean-up crew, and Rorisang, a high schooler, and her bandmates preparing for their first concert in Cape Town.

Mentorship Sessions and Comic Con Cape Town

Top South African animator Tim Argall and renowned producer and writer Isaac Mogajane provided one-on-one mentorship sessions to participants who demonstrated exceptional potential. Anelissa Nkanyuza and Stephen Van Wyk were the deserving recipients of these valuable sessions.

The excitement of the #AnimateCT Challenge continued as the Scene It team brought their ideas to Comic Con Cape Town. Cosplayers were offered the opportunity to capture their characters on vacation in Sea Point, Langa, the Castle, and beyond.

A Promising Future for South Africa’s Animation Scene

The success of the #AnimateCT Challenge reflects a promising future for South Africa’s growing animation scene. The competition showcased the country’s potential for creativity and innovation in this exciting field.

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