Tambo Square Informal Settlement in Gugulethu: A Story of Progress and Community Engagement

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On May 29, 2023, Cape Town’s Portfolio Committee Chairperson for Human Settlements, Councillor Albert Anda Ntsodo, visited the Tambo Square informal settlement in Gugulethu. The visit celebrated the installation of new street name signs that will impact the lives of residents in various ways.

Engagement with the Community

The visit was not just an observation of progress made within the community, but an opportunity for Councillor Ntsodo and city officials to engage with residents and gain insight into their concerns and needs. This interaction fosters a sense of community and ensures that improvements align with the aspirations and expectations of the people who call Tambo Square home.

Improved Services

The newly installed road signs will help residents navigate the area and enhance the process of receiving mail, letters, and parcels. It is commendable that the project was completed on schedule, reflecting the dedication and efficiency of the team involved.

The Human Settlements Portfolio Committee has conducted numerous oversight visits to informal settlements across the metro and identified areas where improvements in service delivery can be made for the most vulnerable communities. The City’s Informal Settlements Department will address several concerns and requests raised by Tambo Square residents, including the provision of wheelie bins, handling encroachment matters, addressing stormwater blockages, and allocating ERF and home numbers.

Collaborative Efforts

Councillor Ntsodo emphasized the Human Settlements Portfolio Committee’s commitment to maintaining open communication with the Human Settlements Directorate and the Acting Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Alderman James Vos. Such collaboration aims to identify ways of assisting those in need, in line with the broader goals of social equity and welfare.

Fair Housing Allocation

The City of Cape Town adheres to a strict Housing Allocation Policy and Housing Needs Register to ensure that housing opportunities are transparent and fair. This policy eliminates any potential queue jumping, and beneficiaries are selected based on their eligibility as per South African legislation. Political office bearers have no access or influence over the Register and its qualifying beneficiaries, ensuring a fair and unbiased allocation process.

Residents can easily check their status on the Housing Needs Register online or visit the City’s website for more information on registering with the Register and the types of housing opportunities available.

Anonymous Tip-offs for Illegal Activities

In addition to ongoing efforts to improve the lives of residents in informal settlements, the City of Cape Town encourages anonymous tip-offs from residents aware of any illegal activities that may be taking place. Dedicated emergency contact numbers are available for this purpose.

The oversight visit to Tambo Square in Gugulethu is a testament to the ongoing efforts made by the City of Cape Town to uplift and engage with the communities within informal settlements. With a focus on enhancing the quality of life for the most vulnerable, these authentic interactions and tangible improvements demonstrate a commitment to positive change that empowers and strengthens the communities that make Cape Town a vibrant and diverse city.

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