The CBD Regeneration Project: Providing Jobs and Upskilling Opportunities for the Homeless in Cape Town

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cbd regeneration project homelessness

The CBD Regeneration Project is an initiative to provide sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities for people experiencing homelessness in Cape Town. The Enterprise and Investment Department of the Economic Growth Directorate and NPO Khulisa Solutions fund the project. Since its inception, the project has recruited hundreds of homeless individuals who have been trained and employed in various communities throughout the City.

Visiting the Project: First-hand Experience of its Positive Impact

Alderman James Vos, a member of the mayoral committee for economic growth, recently visited the project to see its positive impact on people’s lives. The emphasis of the outreach is on providing sustainable livelihoods and the first step on the job readiness and employment opportunity ladder.

Bridging Funding: Keeping the Project Running

The Economic Growth Directorate took over the management of the program after the National Treasury Presidential Employment Programme (PEP Project) ended in July 2022. The City provided bridging funding through the Economic Growth Directorate, enabling the project to continue for another two months.

Providing Job Opportunities throughout the City

Participants in the project have found work in areas throughout the City, including cleaning, maintaining parks, running community gardens, and recycling. The project’s focus on long-term solutions for individuals at challenging times has made it successful. In addition, the developmental aspect of the program provides participants with an opportunity to move off the streets, access the necessary rehabilitation and health services, and learn work readiness skills.

Prioritizing Assistance for Homeless Individuals: A City Priority

Councillor Patricia van der Ross, a mayoral committee member for community services and health, emphasized the importance of assisting homeless individuals in finding a better life. The funds allocated to this program offer a lifeline to individuals living on the streets. The project not only offers a pathway toward sustainable livelihoods but also provides individuals with a sense of renewed purpose.

Collaborative Success: Partnering with NPOs for Meaningful Change

The City is grateful to the NPOs for partnering with it to build a city of hope. The project’s success shows that collaboration between the public and private sectors can lead to meaningful change in people’s lives. The project serves as a model for other cities to follow, and similar initiatives are hoped to be rolled out nationwide. The project proves that homeless individuals can be given a second chance and a pathway to a better life with the proper support and resources.

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