The Quest for Seasonal Lifeguards

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As summer approaches, the Recreation and Parks Department of the City of Cape Town is searching for dedicated candidates to join its seasonal lifeguard team at municipal pools and beaches. The application process is now open, and interested candidates have until July 12th to apply.

The Role of Seasonal Lifeguards

Seasonal lifeguards are vital in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors at the city’s pools and beaches during the festive and summer seasons. According to Councillor Patricia van der Ross, Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, “Our lifeguards ensure that all our visitors are safe in and around the water, whether they choose to swim in our beautiful oceans or relax around our sparkling swimming pools. It’s an important job during which young people can make new friends and learn important life and social skills.”

Qualifications and Competencies

The City is offering temporary positions for individuals who have the necessary competencies and qualifications to perform the duties of a lifeguard or senior lifeguard. The City employs a comprehensive scoring system wherein it considers four categories of lifeguards: beach lifeguard, senior beach lifeguard, swimming pool lifeguard, and senior swimming pool lifeguard. All these categories work seasonally.

Testing and Selection Process

Applicants must prepare themselves for rigorous testing during the selection process. They must pass a compulsory swim and rescue test and demonstrate first aid skills. In addition to meeting the set criteria for the positions, candidates must have a clean criminal record, with no pending charges and be drug-free.

Duration and Importance

The City’s lifeguard season runs from September 2023 to April 2024, with the high season starting on December 1st, 2023. The Department is responsible for providing over 600 seasonal lifeguards at numerous municipal swimming pools, tidal pools, and beaches across Cape Town during the summer season as part of its Drowning Prevention Framework. Lifeguards serve as first responders in emergencies and help educate the public about water safety while keeping a watchful eye on potential hazards.

Application Process

To apply, candidates must register for e-recruitment on the City’s website and complete the application form before the deadline. Applicants who worked in the last season (2022/2023) do not need to reapply but are asked to contact their nearest area office for further information. More details on the recruitment process and requirements can be found at

Becoming a seasonal lifeguard is a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to make a difference, meet new people, and learn valuable life skills. So why not take the plunge and apply today?

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