Unveiling the Epic Spectacle of the Comrades Marathon in Dual Channels

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Comrades Marathon: Women’s race gets own SuperSport channel Cape Town

Unprecedented Broadcasting of the Comrades Marathon

In a historic moment for the Comrades Marathon, a legendary test of human endurance, viewers can watch the race on two separate channels. On Sunday, June 11, this groundbreaking development provides audiences with an unprecedented choice for experiencing the race day spectacle.

SuperSport’s Main Feed: A Comprehensive Race Day Experience

From 05:00 to 18:00, the main SuperSport feed will captivate viewers for the entirety of the race day. This channel presents the broader picture of the Down Run, where male runners traditionally dominate. It offers a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience, allowing audiences to witness the remarkable achievements and stories unfolding in this highly competitive field.

SS Variety 2: A Focused Look at the Women’s Race

Simultaneously, SS Variety 2 will dedicate its broadcast exclusively to the women’s race. This channel provides a more detailed and nuanced narrative surrounding the incredible achievements of female runners. By spotlighting the women’s race, SuperSport recognizes the extraordinary athletic prowess displayed by these athletes and acknowledges the unique tale that emerges from their competition.

Expert Commentary Team for the Women’s Race

The dedicated women’s channel will feature a commentary team comprising two former winners, Helen Lucre and Cheryl Winn. These experts lend their expertise and insights to enhance the viewing experience, providing in-depth analysis and commentary on the women’s race. Their presence underscores the growing recognition of women’s athletic prowess and captivating stories.

Over-The-Top (OTT) Channel: A Live Stream from the Finish Line

SuperSport is introducing an Over-The-Top (OTT) channel that will stream directly from the finish line. From 10:00 to 18:00, this live stream allows viewers to witness the emotional moments as runners cross the epic ultramarathon’s conclusion. In addition, it allows friends and family to cheer on their loved ones and share in their triumphs or struggles.

Monumental Undertaking: SuperSport’s Largest Single-Day Live Production

The production of the Comrades Marathon telecast is a monumental undertaking for SuperSport, representing their largest single-day live production of 2023. With meticulous planning spanning four months, a dedicated crew of nearly 200 people will collaborate to deliver a visually captivating experience. An additional 15 individuals will work on the technical aspects at SuperSport’s Randburg headquarters.

The Versatile Commentary Team and Engaging Presenters

Gerald de Kock, Cuan Walker, Mosibodi Whitehead, and renowned analyst Bruce Fordyce will make up the versatile commentary team for SuperSport’s coverage. This team will provide insightful analysis and commentary throughout the race. In addition, Presenters OG Molefe, Thato Moeng, Toks van der Linde, Candice Naidoo, and Mbali Singidi will enrich the broadcast with their unique perspectives and engaging interviews, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

A Touch of Elegance: Shaun Pollock’s Presence

Former Proteas all-rounder Shaun Pollock will grace this year’s marathon, adding a touch of elegance to the event. He will present roses to the top 10 male and female runners and engage with participants at the finish venue. Pollock’s presence symbolizes appreciation for the exceptional achievements of the runners and serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Comrades Marathon.

Extensive Coverage Infrastructure for an Immersive Experience

Its extensive coverage infrastructure reflects SuperSport’s commitment to delivering an immersive experience. Three full-size Outside Broadcast vehicles will capture critical locations, including the start, Cowie’s Hill, and the finish line. Additionally, six smaller units positioned along the route will provide dynamic footage. A camera-equipped car and five motorbikes will closely shadow the race leaders, offering viewers an up-close look at the tactical battles that unfold. A strategically positioned camera at Arthur’s Seat, located after Drummond along the course, will capture unique perspectives of the race.

Exclusive Visuals from the Green Number Club

SuperSport continues to showcase the captivating essence of the Comrades Marathon by providing exclusive visuals from the Green Number Club. This club is reserved for runners who have completed 10 or more Comrades Marathons or achieved three wins or five gold medals. By highlighting this exclusive facility, SuperSport celebrates the enduring commitment and dedication exhibited by these runners in this prestigious race.

Unrivaled Television Production Feat

With an impressive lineup of 45 cameras, including two low-light cameras for the race’s build-up and dramatic conclusion, SuperSport’s Comrades Marathon coverage is an unrivaled feat of television production. Spanning an astounding 13 hours, the telecast exemplifies the monumental scale of the event and solidifies SuperSport’s reputation as the premier broadcaster of this iconic race.

Prepare to Be Captivated by the 96th Comrades Marathon.

The 96th Comrades Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, June 11, will commence at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall at 05:30. Spanning a grueling 87.7-kilometer route, the runners will embark on an extraordinary journey that will culminate 12 hours later at the Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium in Durban. This spectacular event promises to captivate viewers with its compelling stories, triumphs, and sheer determination displayed by the runners, providing a truly unparalleled spectacle.

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