Bombay Brasserie at Taj Cape Town: A Multisensory Extravaganza of Fine-Dining Indian Cuisine

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Bombay Brasserie

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Cape Town, look no further than the Bombay Brasserie at Taj Cape Town. Situated across from the Company’s Garden and surrounded by the city’s hotspots and cultural attractions, the restaurant is ideally located to offer you a glimpse into the heart and history of the Mother City. And what better way to complete your visit than indulging in the restaurant’s signature cuisine?

Inspired by Multicultural Indian City

The Bombay Brasserie draws inspiration from the buzzing, multicultural Indian city, with a nod to the iconic London restaurant of the same name. The menu features a variety of Indian cooking styles, ingredients, and global influences, including Cape Malay cuisine. The result is a multisensory extravaganza that will take you on a culinary journey.

A Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary

The restaurant is housed in the former home of the SA Reserve Bank and Temple Chambers, mixing the charm of a bygone era with an exciting contemporary approach. The sumptuous, elegantly exotic interior is reminiscent of an Indian palace, with jewel tones, sparkling chandeliers, touches of gold, and plush fabrics. An Eastern-styled courtyard and splendid spice wall filled with traditional aromatics create a focal point.

Menu That Celebrates Traditional, Authentic Indian Flavors in Bombay Brasserie

The menu, devised by French-born Executive Chef David Tilly and his team of Indian chefs, celebrates traditional, authentic Indian flavors with a modern sensibility and culinary artistry. The finest local ingredients and spices imported from India are sourced, all brought together in vibrant, sensational dishes. The signatures of Bombay Brasserie are chaat (street-food-inspired small plates) and tandoor (clay-oven cooking). You can indulge in various surprising combinations, from ostrich-and-raisin samosas to tiger prawns cooked with basil pesto and saffron yogurt.

Experience Set Menu at Bombay Brasserie

The best way to experience the Bombay Brasserie’s unique offering is by opting for the Experience Set Menu, an exotic dinner for two that cherry-picks the highlights of the standard menu. It starts with a semolina and potato sphere amuse-bouche and ends with classic gulab jamun (syrup-poached dumplings) with vanilla Anglaise and crushed pistachios. In between, there’s a “tandoori taster” course of mustard-marinated broccoli florets, Old Delhi chicken, and ginger masala Karoo lamb chops.

Extensive Menu for All

The mains include charred chicken tikka, spicy and crispy new potatoes with olives, and yellow lentil dal fry. Vegetarians are well-catered with truffle and pepper-scented chestnut mushrooms, quinoa tikka kebabs, and paneer. The wine list is equally extensive and impressive.

Perfect Pre- or Post-Dinner Tipples

The bar area is the perfect spot to enjoy pre- or post-dinner tipples. Evocative signature cocktails, such as Passage to India (a bourbon, tea, and vermouth mix) and the Bombay Sparkler (gin, grapefruit, and rooibos marmalade, lemon juice, and bubbly), are sure to tickle your fancy.

Attentive and Friendly Staff

Bombay Brasserie has garnered much attention for its attentive and friendly staff, fine dining experience, and impressive wine selection. In addition, the ambiance is rated highly, with many visitors praising the lush, exotic decor. Some guests, however, have criticized the restaurant for its small portions, high prices, and mixed-up orders. The restaurant is a must-visit for a unique and multisensory dining experience.

Contact Information for Bombay Brasserie

  • Address: Taj Cape Town, 1 Wale Street, corner of St Georges Mall, Cape Town
  • Working Time: Monday – Saturday, 6 pm – 10.30pm (bar opens at 4 pm)
  • Website: Bombay Brasserie
  • Phone Number: 021 819 2038

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