Remembering Mahmud Valley, the Cyclist Who Loved His Bike

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On Sunday morning, a 69-year-old Worcester rider named Mahmud Valley died while participating in the 45th Cape Town Cycle Tour. The family buried him on Monday following Islamic customs, while the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.

A Well-Known Track Cyclist

Mahmud was a well-known track cyclist who had won various track cycling titles under the former South African Cycling Federation in the 1970s. He loved nothing more than being on his bike, and his brother, Nazeem Valley, remembered how much he enjoyed cycling.

“I could see how he absolutely enjoyed being on his bike,” Nazeem said.

A Shocking Loss

Mahmud’s death came as a shock to his family, who had no idea he was planning to take part in the cycle tour. Nazeem explained that Mahmud never mentioned he was going to take part in the race. “I think he didn’t want to tell me because he knew I would give him a hard time about going to cycle because, earlier in the week, he told me he was not feeling well,” Naseem explained.

A Tragic Accident

Mahmud was on a bicycle ride with a bunch of pals, and he was following closely behind a close friend after the two made a pact to stick together. Nazeem said that while they were near Misty Cliffs, their friend turned around and found Mahmud lying on the ground next to his bike. After more than 30 minutes of trying, medical help finally arrived, but it was too late for Mahmud. 

In all likelihood, Mahmud died of natural causes, although the circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated. “The cyclist is reported to have collapsed and died at Misty Cliffs at around 11 a.m. from what is believed to be natural causes,” said police spokesman Colonel Andrè Traut.

Remembering Mahmud

Mahmud gave up his career in retail to care for his disabled wife, Aziza. To get to Sunday’s bike trip, he took a blue van he had modified to accommodate wheelchairs. It’s been a while, but the van seems to have vanished. 

Mahmud is fondly recalled by his brother, wife, and two sons. “The activity in which he had spent his entire life was also his final act. He was quite fond of his bike. It was just one of the numerous things that brought him joy, “I quote Nazeem. 

The passion for cycling that Mahmud Valley had will continue even after his death. His zest for life and dedication to his motorcycle will live on in our hearts forever.

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