SOFIA – A Boho Chic Dining Experience in Stellenbosch

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In the bustling heart of Stellenbosch lies an elegant escape – SOFIA. Fusing the best Southern Italian cuisine with a Boho Chic ambiance, this diner delivers more than just an exquisite plate of food; it promises an unforgettable experience, making it the talk of the town.

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Ambiance and Interior

You’re immediately enveloped in an aura of charm and elegance when you step into Sofia — the modern yet vintage vibes emanating from the decor craft a unique aura. The window seat alone – a space adorned with cushions and draped curtains – evokes imagery of classic European films, promising a romantic getaway within the city. The view of the iconic Stellenbosch Town Hall that punctuates your mealtime is nothing short of picturesque.

Sofia’s interior isn’t just about aesthetics. In this age of connectivity, the inclusion of charging points demonstrates thoughtfulness for today’s digital diner. And on a sunnier day, the exterior seating beckons, making it an oasis in the urban hustle.


At Sofia, it’s evident that hospitality is not just a service but an art. Whether it’s the personalized attention from the staff or the direct involvement of the owners, the dedication to delivering an immaculate experience is unwavering. Every corner of the restaurant, and every team member, echoes a single sentiment – to make your time at Sofia memorable.

From the esteemed legacy of the Cozzolino family, Sofia’s menu is a gastronomic delight. While the Neapolitan pizzas are a nod to their previous venture, Vesuvio, the innovations genuinely excite. Have you ever tried their sensational Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese or the refreshingly diverse Mediterranean Salad? Each dish tells a tale of culinary mastery.

Not to be missed are their iconic offerings like the matcha latte, which has quickly garnered rave reviews. If you thought matcha couldn’t improve, Sofia’s rendition might change your mind. Pair it with their celebrated avocado toast, and you’re set for a meal of champions.

The breakfast menu at Sofia in Cape Town serves up an array of luxurious options until noon. For those looking to enjoy freshly baked goods with their coffee, offerings such as Pain au Chocolate and Almond Croissant are hard to pass up. The specialty breakfasts are not to be overlooked; the French Toast Brioché comes beautifully paired with poached pear and berries, and there’s an option to add bacon. For a more health-conscious choice, Sofis Granola Bowl features double cream thick Greek yogurt, homemade granola, and fresh berries. Those craving something savory can select from various croissant variations, one featuring homemade rosemary mayo, bacon, and cheddar cheese, and another with hollandaise sauce, poached eggs, and smoked salmon.

Post-noon, Sofia unveils a broad “Something Light” and main course menu, catering to diverse palates. Salads like the Buratta and Salmon Salad make for a nutritious yet flavorful meal. The tapas-like Bruschette options such as Cheese & Honey or The Smoked Bruschetta are ideal for sharing. Among the main courses, the selection ranges from pasta dishes like Fungo—a homemade gnocchi with thyme button mushrooms and béchamel—to various burger options. Of particular note is The Schnitzel Bagel, an especially delectable choice that combines a chicken schnitzel with emmental cheese and homemade rosemary mayo. It’s a must-try. For vegetarians, there’s the Viola Burger featuring a basil and aubergine patty paired with homemade hummus. The restaurant also offers a list of extras and sides to personalize your meal, making the dining experience at Sofia exceptionally versatile.

Cocktails in SOFIA Capetown

Sofia’s cocktail menu is a voyage through mixology. Traditional offerings like Mimosa meet more exotic concoctions such as Swahili Dawa, a cocktail made the traditional Kenyan way with vodka, fresh lime, and local honey. The menu hosts a range of martinis including the Espresso Martini and the crowd-pleaser, Pornstar Martini. The Frozen Passionfruit Daiquiri is a tropical delight, whereas the Pink Panther adds a touch of smoky rosemary to pomegranate and vanilla vodka. The Amaretto Sour offers a rich blend of Amaretto Disaronno, whiskey, and lemon. There’s a daring selection with The Longest Island, a robust mixture of tequila, triple sec, vodka, and rum with coke and lemon. Its a G n T features Bulldog gin, elderflower, and tonic water, which is sure to please gin enthusiasts. However, the cocktails really steal the show, making the best use of quality ingredients and innovative techniques. The experience here makes it quite evident why their cocktails are so outstanding.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

In terms of non-alcoholic options, Sofia doesn’t disappoint. The homemade ice tea infusions such as Pear & Rooibos or Apple & Rooibos are unique and refreshing. Freshly pressed juices like orange, apple & lemon, and pear & mint offer a burst of natural flavors. Various smoothies and milkshake options are available, with the DPB—banana, peanut butter, yogurt, and cinnamon—being a standout. But what catches everyone’s attention is the COOL COFFEE section. The Iced Latte is nothing short of a masterpiece, blending espresso, milk, and local honey poured over ice cubes. The experience of drinking this latte is so spectacular that it merits special attention. Also on offer are milk alternatives like oat and almond for those seeking dairy-free options. Other cool options include Iced Mocha and Iced Red Espresso. The inclusion of local honey in various drinks adds an extra layer of authenticity and sweetness to your beverage experience.

The drink selection at Sofia is nothing short of exceptional, especially when it comes to lattes and cocktails, making it a must-visit for both food and drink aficionados

A Dining Experience to Remember

Opened by siblings Lorena and Gerardo, Sofia, in a short span, has managed to carve a niche in the hearts of Stellenbosch’s residents and visitors alike. The magic lies in the culinary offerings and the holistic experience – from the alluring decor to the wafting aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast rendezvous, a girls’ night out, or a quiet evening with loved ones, Sofia promises an unparalleled dining journey.

Lastly, to ensure a wholesome experience, a generous tip for the exemplary staff would be the cherry on top of an unforgettable visit.

Contact Information for SOFIA Capetown:

  • Address: Oude Bank Building, 7 Church St, Stellenbosch Central, Cape Town, 7600, South Africa
  • Area: Stellenbosch
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8 AM-9 PM, Sunday: 8 AM-2:30 PM.

The essence of Sofia is not just in the sumptuous dishes but in the experience that lingers long after. If Stellenbosch is on your itinerary, let Sofia be your culinary compass, guiding you through a world of flavors and moments worth cherishing.

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